The foundation of my work as an artist is sculpture.

Through three-dimensional form I feel I can best express my philosophy of life and World-view.
Giving my ideas form predetermines the medium in an natural way. I use various materials such as plaster,metal,wood,resin,paper etc.The medium in its own essence is of a particular importance. It has to have a magnetic and attractive effect on the viewer and evoke an irresistible , real need to touch the work and stay in contact with it.
Color, Light and Shadow create an almost Architectonic rhythm and set the stage in which Real and Imaginary come into play together.
I want to create with my Shapes Intense Spaces filled with Flair in which the viewer can become immersed and feel the Moment.

In all my works there is an uniform polarizing Theme. It is about things which are incompatible at first sight yet bind to create one Harmonious Form.
The Grid-like formations in most of my works draw an imaginary Border. They portray a desolate, distant world expressing a new view point through their positioning and interconnection.
This Borderline creates this necessary tension and it’s this Line on which I place my thoughts in search of A New Beginning.